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Sand and Carbon Filters:

sand and carbon filters

We are engaged in supplying an extensive range of Dual Media Filters. Dual Media Filters are also referred to as Multi-Media Filters. These filters will find an extensive application for removing suspended particles, turbidity, color and odor that are present in raw water. These filters will provide fresh water and are easy to operate. DM filters are offered in a wide range of materials like FRP / SS / Mild Steel Epoxy Paint / MS with FRP Coating / MS with Rubber Lined. We can supply a broad range of WTP Plants from 2m3/h to 50m3/h capacity. 


  Boiler Feed 
  Process Water in Textile Mills 
  Beverage Manufacture 
  Laundry and Air Conditioning Plants 
  Cooling Tower Makeup 
  Jacket Cooling 
  Many Other Industrial Applications

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