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               Boiler Treatment Chemicals

Boiler Treatment Chemicals

These Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals will protect your boilers from various problems like Corrosion, Scale problems & intermittent shutdowns.

Treatment Chemicals are developed for all types of boilers relatively from low and medium pressure boilers to high-pressure boilers used for power generation and process industries. 

Boiler Treatment Products And Application Information: 


It is suggested for Medium pressure boilers to control hardness related scale in the system.

It is a (Phosphate based) liquid product, it reacts with calcium, magnesium carbonate salts and forms a sludge, which will go out through blow down. It also helps to maintain alkali pH in the system, with its strong alkali nature.

It is in residual phosphate reacts with Iron and forms a black magnetite layer, which protects boiler tubes from corrosion.


oxygen Scavenger is inorganic catalyzed oxygen scavenger recommended for low and Medium pressure boilers where process return condensate as part of the feed.


It is suggested for Medium pressure boilers to increase the pH in the System. It is an inorganic pH Booster, it will help in maintain alkali pH in the system.


  • It is a multipurpose boiler feed water chemical used for Soft water with high TDS. It is an ACRYLIC POLYMER based compound, act as a sludge conditioner and helps a scale free system.

  • This will not allow all scale particles to stick on boiler tubes, and it keeps the scale particles in suspended form. This will come out through boiler blowdown as a sludge form. 

  •  It is also effective to avoid corrosion in the system.

  • It will maintain proper pH in the system. As it is a very active product it will help to decrease scale and corrosion in the system subsequently reduces maintained cost.

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