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          Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals

We deal with all types of treatment chemicals ranges like low, medium and high cooling towers.

For industries using a cooling tower, some type of Cooling Tower Water Treatment System is necessary to ensure long equipment service life and efficient performance. 

If cooling tower water is untreated, fouling, scaling, organic compound and corrosion can form and that reduces plant productivity. elite aqua chem technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals. These Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals are used for preventing problems like Corrosion, Scale Deposition and Microbial Growth in cooling towers.



Is a multipurpose open circulation cooling water treatment chemical used for soft water and raw water as makeup. It is an organophosphate-based compound, which prevents scale formation in the cooling system and improves system heat exchange processes.

It will not allow scale particles to stick to heat exchanger tubes, it keeps tubes clean and improves free water flow and heat exchange to get the maximum designed cooling effect.

It is also effective in avoiding corrosion in the system.

It is a very active product, it helps to decrease scale and corrosion in the system while reducing the maintenance cost.



It is an acid based open circulation cooling water treatment chemical used for raw water as makeup, It is an inorganic acid based compound with a metal inhibitor which prevents scale formation and maintains proper ph in the cooling system and helps system for efficient heat exchange.

It neutralizes alkalinity salts in the water thus prevents hard scale formation at water high concentration levels.

It is a very active product it helps in maintaining required ph in the system while reducing the maintaining cost.



It is a broad spectrum non-oxidizing biocide for the open circulating cooling system. It effectively controls the microorganisms of bacteria, algae, and fungi in the recirculating water system.

It is an effective product in controlling the slime forming bacteria and sulphate reducing bacteria.

It is an eco-friendly chemical and is also active in the control of legionella bacteria.