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                   Chiller Chemicals

These chiller chemicals will minimize problems like Corrosion & Bacterial Growth in chillers.

There are Three types of chiller chemicals:

1. Anticorrosive Chemical 

2.Biocide Chemical

3.Passivation Chemical

Chiller Treatment Products And Application Information: 


In closed water system – such as chilled loops, which are permanently hidden from view, the main problem is corrosion. Generally in closed systems people will use best quality water to prevent scaling and fouling but because of R.O / DM water quality the corrosion will arise. In the closed cooling system, when water is chilled, due to heat exchange the water will more corrosive by its nature. It will react with metal and form metal oxide. Means the metal loses will take place. So, to prevent such problem we need to add a good corrosion protect chemical. Our CHILLER PROTECTIVE is one of such protective chemical. Please find below the chemical specifications.

CHILLER PROTECTIVE is a multipurpose chemical for closed circuit cooling system. It is a strong nitrite based chemical which prevents effectively corrosion and scaling in the system. This corrosion inhibitor will protect both ferrous and non ferrous in your system.

Applications of chiller Treatment chemicals 

Control corrosion and scale deposits in chillers, boilers, condensers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, tanks, pipes etc 

Remove Sulfite, Hydrazine, Carbohydrazide and Oxygen Scavengers 

Remove hard water deposits from Chillers

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