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RO Plant Servicing:

RO plant servicing

Operating a water system at maximum efficiency at the lowest cost requires ongoing system maintenance. Proper RO System maintenance and membrane cleaning service reduces electricity cost and water usage and extends the life of RO. We provide a wide range of  RO PLANT services that includes providing spares etc. 

Most of our customers handle daily system readings and changing cartridge filters and will take RO Plant AMC Services to handle monthly system monitoring, membrane cleaning, diagnostics, RO system maintenance, and parts replaced. 

Service for RO plant:

   Complete RO System Supply
   AMC for RO
   Membrane Services 
   Spare Parts 
   Complete RO System

Membrane services:

Our membrane service keeps your RO membrane system operating at peak performance. We are able to provide Ro services and maintenance to maximize the performance of Ro System. Membrane fouling is inevitable even with the highest quality inlet water.

 Membrane Service includes 

   Membrane removal and installation service 
   On-site membrane cleaning service 
   Spare Parts 


NEUTRALIZER Is an alkaline form with the inhibited nature. It removes dust and dirt from the System.

It is one of the cleaning compounds of RO plant. It removes algae and fungi formation deposited in the membrane.

It removes scale formation consists of calcium and magnesium from the system thereby increasing the output flow through the membrane.

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